split 7" with Deer in the Headlights

by Black Sails

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released October 1, 2012


tags: punk Zagreb


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Black Sails Zagreb, Croatia

hardcore punx from kvatric sewers

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Track Name: Closure
I was thinking of the word future today
while this world taught me again
to smile with it together
as I swallow knives
right down my heart
so let’s just laugh it out
I’m used to all the lies
so, don’t worry it’s just me
it’s just me
it’s just me

just smile when you run me over
while I hold my thumb up
for a drive to my early grave
you'll find me wounded in the grass with maggots
I’m the one that crawls back to you
it’s just me
it’s just me

dear future stranger
not everybody
is meant to forget the world
that keeps me reminding
I’m here by chance
without any luck
while I dance with my standards
you’re just here to fuck
like always, it’s on the house
I’m giving you all that I can
but this is your last round
my words have lost their value
your worlds have found their traitor
I’m giving up
you can take me
just close my mind
Track Name: It Doesn't Matter If We All Die
the smell of sweat and flowers
will stay with me until the end
the odor brought the flies
but I’m already fucking dead
I lived a cold long life
under your only burning bridge
so just let us burn
so just let me melt
in my memories

the sound of our broken strings
will stay with you until the end
the silence brought the cries
I told you everything dies
you lived too long in golden frames
to see our picture burn in flames
you just throw our ashes
and just keep going

I know you tried
waking up
beside my own hell
far too long
but I promise
this was never my choice
it was the face I could see
every fucking day
those eyes followed me
in my desperate mind
which always wants
something nobody finds

so please don’t try to wake me
let me lose myself tonight
just let the sun to burn the lie
then just say your goodbye