what belongs to the gallows

by Black Sails

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recorded in winter/spring 2015. by Jasmin Dasovic at klub Močvara and his flat. Mixed, mastered and produced by Jasmin Dasovic.


released October 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Black Sails Zagreb, Croatia

hardcore punx from kvatric sewers

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Track Name: Shelter Drawings
younger me
am I still what you thought I'd be?
your beacon of hope exiled
among the solitary
you know I tried
this skin has scars
youth, can you see?
this storm is drowning me
so older me
baptise me in that sea
let the darkness flow through me
lock me up in her vacancy
engrave the date on the door
and please don’t vomit the key
leave my ghosts to roam free
orphans dancing around a tree
drawing tanks under a smiling sun
"just scream on us
we’ll blindly follow,
the cliff just never looks to high
you can’t break the hollow"
Track Name: Ewige Ausländer
"The dusk comes anyway"
it’s the only legacy I saved
not much more than what you brought
broken English from a broken land
your teeth grind as you smile
what’s two more broken spines?
and I smile with a choke
what’s two more broken words?
from me and your son
and you don’t miss anything
while I miss it all
they still match our gallows
to go with their suits
and they still shit were we eat
you still got no roses
or your name in stone
you know I was never good with words
but I’m sorry
your hole
is in this fucking place
and now it’s too late
Track Name: Loose Fangs
I welcome these two barrels
but this fingers are too weak
this words are not the triggers
but the grip is stronger with each tick
until the day I repaint my wall
I'll open up these kennels
and release you from my soul
to feed on my bones
"you made this show last too long,
it’s time to finally break the oath"
let the fangs rip through the loom
just go for the throat
you’re the only one that
can wear this ugly skin
release all the nightmares
tape them with cheap old gin
there is no need for a safety pin
bomb this fucking hive
let’s all drown in sin
Track Name: Death Moves On
today I inhaled my breath
with a choke in my throat
that it wasn’t the last
it was just my mind
which was never too kind
to tell me I’m not lost
that this dead end road
isn’t paved in gold
yeah, I lose it every time
but I got nowhere to go
so I hang my heart
and declare her peace
then she removed the hood
and gave me a kiss
oh father you were right
it's a hopeless fight
I could never compete
they write metaphors on paper
while I smash my fingers
drawing on concrete
but its all I’ll ever see
sorry, its all I can ever be
it’s a short fixed game
and the winner stays the same
I know the darkness just smiles at our rules
yeah, she told me
you can't beat that grasp
you will feel her hug
everybody’s dust will end up
under her rug
you can’t beat that grasp
you will feel her hug
under her rug
Track Name: Long Gone Lonesome Words
I can see the young maggots
down in the gutters laughing
"deaf promise of tomorrow
won’t hear the future you borrow"
just another slave of time
betrayed by the mirror
so I ripped my stitches
to see who I really am
my eyes are cold
and the comfort's sold
my shelter of stone
is forever gone
on this beggar's throne
I’ll die alone
stuck here with my sickness
and a picture of a place
I'll never reach again
landscapes of my own hell
painted across the wall
with words which never fade
"never step through this door"
I know I won’t, but I wish
I could just watch the moon
through the circle of smoke
somewhere far away from here
then rot in the morning sun
No matter where! No matter where!
As long as it's out
of this world!'
Track Name: Dirt Promise
hold your hands
hold ‘em tight
it will come
it's already done
they swear it counts
they promised it’s a done deal
this world was made for you
to cut it, bleed it, kill it
above or below, somebody wants you whole
“just draw what you hope for son
and fate will paint it with your blood
you are just one sunset away
from the promised glory days
don’t worry it doesn’t take too long
absolution comes with a mercy song"
last chorus for a brand new youth
but a dark deep hole is your only truth
you didn't believe everything forgets you soon
but, only the grass remains
whispering your favourite tune
Track Name: Filth
let’s close this book
on the chapter
where I still smile
my mind floats
so draw your words
when the question comes
just listen between my black liver coughs
or just watch the tremor of my cracked yellow hands
while I throw up on my side of bed
let this charade end
let the curtain bend
let the tragedy kick in
with a last applause
there is no miracle honey
I’ll pay you in sorrow
instead of money
and in the morning we’ll
both be sorry
there is nothing beautiful in me
save your pity for better company
we got a night around a fire
and tomorrow I'll chase the cold
and you will grow old
Track Name: Abstentionland
too many dead and broken dreams
splattered through these concrete streams
ambition wants martyrs, and will get ‘em
this country has them lined up
smiling for a blindfold sale
under a neon light sign
your drawn cardboard wish
just shines a little less
"you gotta sink like the rest of us,
just feed the foot that's drowning us"
you forgot while you learned to swim
I burnt my life belt on the shore
I walked on fire, and I can't hurt any more
I just watched while the herd
dived open armed from the cliff
throwing matches under my foundation
then ran barefoot on the ash
'till I couldn't smell human flesh
knowing the road holds no promises
except waking up under the stars
and a dream of you floating
where your lips slowly move
and whisper
"fuck you"