from by Black Sails



too many dead and broken dreams
splattered through these concrete streams
ambition wants martyrs, and will get ‘em
this country has them lined up
smiling for a blindfold sale
under a neon light sign
your drawn cardboard wish
just shines a little less
"you gotta sink like the rest of us,
just feed the foot that's drowning us"
you forgot while you learned to swim
I burnt my life belt on the shore
I walked on fire, and I can't hurt any more
I just watched while the herd
dived open armed from the cliff
throwing matches under my foundation
then ran barefoot on the ash
'till I couldn't smell human flesh
knowing the road holds no promises
except waking up under the stars
and a dream of you floating
where your lips slowly move
and whisper
"fuck you"


from what belongs to the gallows, released October 18, 2015


tags: punk Zagreb


all rights reserved


Black Sails Zagreb, Croatia

hardcore punx from kvatric sewers

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