Long Gone Lonesome Words

from by Black Sails



I can see the young maggots
down in the gutters laughing
"deaf promise of tomorrow
won’t hear the future you borrow"
just another slave of time
betrayed by the mirror
so I ripped my stitches
to see who I really am
my eyes are cold
and the comfort's sold
my shelter of stone
is forever gone
on this beggar's throne
I’ll die alone
stuck here with my sickness
and a picture of a place
I'll never reach again
landscapes of my own hell
painted across the wall
with words which never fade
"never step through this door"
I know I won’t, but I wish
I could just watch the moon
through the circle of smoke
somewhere far away from here
then rot in the morning sun
No matter where! No matter where!
As long as it's out
of this world!'


from what belongs to the gallows, released October 18, 2015


tags: punk Zagreb


all rights reserved


Black Sails Zagreb, Croatia

hardcore punx from kvatric sewers

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